This lil mama can't get enough of this VOODOO. His farmstep is just burning hot fire that is a mixture of everything I love about music. I just listed him in our feature of 50 artists under 5000 followers on SoundCloud, and as I said in the piece, I can only hope that we will be getting much more out of the Voodoo Farm camp in 2014.

The artists sampled on this track include: Sublime, The Supremes, The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Snoop, The Isley Brothers, J Dilla, Aaron Neville, and the Jackson 5. It is amazing how this dude puts sounds together. Also mixed in are the bass, guitar, vocals, and saxophone of his friends. It is enough old school kick and new school originality to make your head sping, with a kick of funk and sass that takes this sound the sixth or seventh gear. I know those don't exist, but either does a sound like this. Or at least it didn't, until now.

If that wasn't exciting enough for you, this track comes with a video to boot. Voodoo Farm doesn't simply make sounds, he is a filmmaker as well. He taps into every one of your senses, even the sixth one. Peep him. You will not be sorry.