This guy Mr. Carmack's been on a tear; for someone who recently lost a laptop, you'd think that wouldn't be possible, but the speed of his output hasn't slowed down at all. The methods of dropping them? Definitely questioning that, but hey, free dope material is free dope material, no matter how you slice it. Take this morning; Carmack just went ahead and posted a tweet to a Dropbox link to the MP3 for his collaboration with Stromae, "lonelyfuckingsamurai," which feels similar to the jungle-infused riddims that Lee Bannon's been experimenting in. We asked Carmack if we could throw this onto our SoundCloud, but he didn't give the OK, so we'll just hit you with the link and keep it moving. Don't front on your life, though: download this ASAP.

stromae x carmack

— MR. CAR/\\ACK (@_mrcarmack) January 31, 2014