Looking at Action Bronson's track record, it's apparent that the 30-year-old Queens rapper has a penchant for releasing projects with one producer. In the last two years alone, Bronson has released three mixtapes and an EP and in every instance, each release had one beatsmith on production duty.

But for his next project, Bronson has enlisted two of his previous collaborators, The Alchemist (Rare Chandeliers) and Party Supplies (Blue Chips 2).

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Justin Nealis of Party Supplies reveals they have enough material for an EP, and even have a new name that the project will be released under. “We went out to L.A. with [Bronson] last month—me, him, Alchemist, and Sean recorded an entire EP of material under the name Jericho," he says. “Jericho may be a project that we drop, that’s really under-the-table, no one knows about that yet."

Nealis describes the project as being multi-genre, something Party Supplies executed well on their 2013 debut album, Tough Love. He and the rest of guys didn't hold back here either by experimenting with different instruments and sounds to create something fresh. "We rented pianos and keyboards. We rented a Wurlitzer, we rented a bass, we rented a few guitars and shit. We recorded a lot of original material that kind of has a very Electro sound and we’re calling it Jericho."

[via HHDX]

UPDATE: Action Bronson has denied the reports of a joint EP with Party Supplies and Alchemist. He told XXL that Jericho is not the name of a project, but instead, it is the name of a group that also includes Oh No, and Tommy Mas. "It’s just a collective of people of human beings that make music," Bronson said. "Something is gonna come out of it and it’s probably not going to be rap."

[via XXL]

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