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Isaiah Rashad has released a new record "RIP Kevin Miller." It's produced by Black Metaphor, who's worked with artists like Game, Meek Mill and French Montana. The title of the song is Rashad's way of paying respects to Master P and his younger brother Kevin Miller, who was robbed, shot, and killed in the mid-90s. Master P mourned his brothers death on the 1995 record "When They Gone," rapping:

"It's 1995, a lot of brothers done died
A lot of sisters, them mothers, them fathers
And aunties, and grandma's done left to cry
Now he nothing but a memory, he used to be a friend to me
Said he'd never die, but now he's six feet deep, with a tombstone
Oh my god my brothers gone
And I don't even fucking think I can go on"

Master P also dedicated his 1997 record "I Miss My Homies" to his brother. Like "Brad Jordan" and "Ronnie Drake," Rashad displays his lyrical prowess over a smooth melody on "RIP Kevin Miller." His mixtape Cilvia is coming soon.

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