Heroes x Villains have been making some crazy moves in the past few months. To the general public, their output seems to have slowed down. To anyone with an in, 2014 is the takeover. They shut down Art Basel, played XS in Vegas twice in two days (once with Diplo), have locked Valentine's day at Mansion in Miami, and have been working closely with FRESH.i.AM. on a line of clothing. The collective doesn't sleep, and seem to have taken no days off.

And as I'm watching Gravity (shouts to Sandra Bullock's personal trainer), I get a message from Daniel Disaster with a link to Chapel, an EP that is one part music, one part reminder of this fashion collaboration, and one part invitation to their show at Atlanta's MJQ Concourse in celebration of everything fly. And of course he lets me know it's going up within the hour. This guy.

This contains the four tracks that premiered via Red Bull in early December, but includes one additional record entitled "NOISE BATH." The entirety of the project is dark and industrial, and is available for free download. And be sure to lock these guys into your social media feed. They're holding onto a shitload of content, and they strike with no warning whatsoever.