Gorgon City have teamed up with MNEK for their next single effort, "Ready For Your Love," the latest tune to take a page from the pop chart-friendly deep house sounds that were so ubiquitous in 2013. Don't write it off as Foamo and Rack N Ruin going lazy, rather take it as their signature bass-centric, and yet soulful take on a sound that deserves evolution more than mere duplication. Think of it as the maturation the resurgence in deep house ought to be having right now instead of the staleness it seems to be receiving.

To push this ethos, Gorgon City have enlisted the duties of Etherwood on a remix that is pure vibes. Reminiscent of tunes like Calibre's remix of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur's "Garden," Etherwood's mix features that rolling bass that can't help but evoke some deep feels when you hear it played out. It's that just-past-peak-hour sound that gets all the ravers' hands in the air and makes everyone feel a bit closer than they did before experiencing it. Annie Mac premiered the remix on her show this week and we're already awaiting the January 23 release date on Black Butter with baited breath.