The quality of my inbox just continues to rise. Maybe it's because DoAndroidsDance just hit 15,000 Facebook fans and industry heads are looking our way, but whatever the case, I appreciate the tunes I get straight delivered to me even more. Emerson Twin has sent me music before but they make their debut with this new Four Tet remix. No this is not a longer, drawn out or even subtler take on Four Tet, but a futuristic groover with low-slung slimey groove. LIke a bubbling cauldron straight out of the wicked witch of the west's kitchen, Emerson's ability are scary. The London-based producer's music has been getting props & support from Scratcha DVA, Two Inch Punch, TEED, Laurent Garnier, Throwing Snow, Nightwave, and Severino, with additional spins on the Hyperdub show on Rinse FM. The point is, you need to watch this one rise because that android dances.

When we heard this remix, we had to ask Emerson himself for his insights. We love it and had to know what he had to say about it. Replying via email Emerson said, "been a fan of Four Tet for a while so I decided to remix 'Angel Echoes' because its such a beautiful track and I love counterbalancing melodic elements over hard beats or bass. Hope I didn't screw up his track though!"

Emerson, you definitely did not screw this up. I think for many, you made this more accessible then Four Tet - an incredible artist who's greatness can sometimes be lost or confused amongst it's own esoteric nature. The remix's deeper grooves and hip-hop inspired percussion is something pretty much everyone can rock to (even the stiff white guys!). Anxious for more music I asked him straight up, what's in his plans for the near future: "Got lots more music planned for this year including an EP dropping in the next few weeks and more remixes. The plan is to keep releasing music regularly and try not sit on things for too long!"

Boom. Watch Emerson Twin rise in 2014. Nothing is gonna stop this one.

(Pigeons & Planes)