Flavor Flav was arrested earlier this morning in Nassau County, New York after being stopped for speeding. According to New York State Police, Flav was going 79 mph in a 55 speed zone. A license check by the state trooper found the 54-year-old member of Public Enemy had 16 suspensions on his record. The trooper also found a small amount of marijuana in Flav's posession.

Born William Drayton and raised in nearby Long Island neighborhood Roosevelt, Flav was arrested for Felony Aggravated Unlicensed Operation, as well as other traffic violations. The New York State Police released him so he could attend his mother's funeral. Anna Drayton, his mom, passed away on December 31. Flav mourned her death on Twitter saying, "Hey everybody I just lost my mother Anna Drayton this morning [New Year's Eve] she passed away and I'm gonna miss her. She lived a good life."

Flavor Flav will have to appear in Nassau County First District Court in Hempstead later this month.

[via Billboard]

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