If you haven't borne witness to what Korean-American production quartet Far East Movement's club crusher with Rell the Soundbender "Murder Was The Bass" does at peak hour in your favorite night spot, it looks as though 2014 won't see that be the only time that the walls shake and sweat from one of the group's bangers. Dutch house producer Sidney Samson's worked with a cadre of the top names in mainstream American pop over the past few years, so heading back down into the party with the similarly-successful and pop-oriented "The Illest" and "Like A G6" Los Angeles-based Far East Movement feels like two acts coming back to their roots with aims of hitting the top yet again. The result is "Bang It To The Curb," a track featuring ubiquitous trap breaks, soaring synths, rap vocals, and a hook that has a style ideally suited for being super-glued to the cerebral cortex of tanned twerkers and bass-loving bros worldwide. "Bang It To The Curb" is one of five tracks from their forthcoming Ktown Riot EP, which also features their Riff Raff collaboration "The Illest" alongside tracks with YG, Quintino, La'Reda, the aforementioned Rell The Soundbender, and more.