Every once in awhile you get that one artist who is truly talented and has massive support, but to the masses seems to slip under the radar for whatever reason. To me, Alexandre embodies that artist. He's collaborated with Kill Paris, has had tracks released on Terrorhythm Recordings, and was featured on Dirty South Joe's Blacklisted Mix. All this massive support makes sense when you listen to his music; he's not bound by genres, tempos, or sounds and has this ability to seamlessly blend sensual melodies with bass music. Sure his music is not the generic four-to-the-floor "where's the drop?" big room banger, but at it's core, it's music and beautiful music at that.

His latest, "Night Rhythm," is a perfect illustration of this sentiment. He sampled Corona's "Rhythm of the Night," a very energetic pop dance song from the '90s, and chilled it the fuck out, making it so sensual and smooth I couldn't handle it the first 10 times I heard it; it's that perfect song for that drive to nowhere, those rainy (snowy?) days, those sensual moments with your significant other, those "it's been a horrible day and I need to just chill" evenings. I listen to this song and know that while he's under the radar now, it's only a matter of time before more people take notice. So what are you waiting for? Press play and get to know Alexandre so you can attain bragging rights about how you knew about him before he got big.