UPDATE: Ten minutes after taking his last picture (while Kanye was performing), Virgil inexplicably deleted all of the photos except for one. No reason was cited for deleting the pictures.

Today, Kanye West's Yeezus tour stops in Atlanta's Phillips Arena. Sixteen shows in, the tour has been grossing over $1 million per night and has been marked by its elaborate stage set up and Kanye's "visionary streams-of-consciousness." Putting together the show of this magnitude is a full day effort.

Thanks to Virgil Abloh, Kanye's style advisor and creative director of DONDA, there is now a detailed account of the work done behind-the-scenes to get the Yeezus tour ready. Abloh began Instagramming the action at 9:27AM, with the crew setting up the rigging.

At 9:34AM, the crew started to measure the stage, with Virgil noting Phillips Arena's "crispy black backdrop."

At 10:48AM, Virgil heads into a meeting with Kanye's right-hand man, Don C.

Virgil then heads to a "morning meeting" with Rene at 11:16AM, and the two track down a juice bar they can head to later.

By 11:51AM, the parts that will eventually be used to construct the mountain have been brought into the arena.

By 2:58PM, Virgil, Don C, and a couple of others head out into the city for "market research."

At 4:16PM, Virgil and Rene stop by Kale Crazy to get their juice fix, hours after their morning meeting.

30 minutes later, it's time to return to Phillips Arena, where the mountain is now all set up and ready to go.

Shortly before 5PM, Phillips Arena security members convene for a briefing. It's getting closer to show time.

By 5:33PM, Virgil has a chance to take a break from setting up the tour to prepare for the event he will be DJing at tomorrow, the #MikeWiLLBeenTriLL event at Terminal West. Soon, it will be show time.

At 6:31PM, Virgil is back in the venue, where things are getting ready for the arrival of fans.

As fans start entering Phillips Arena, Virgil spots a 13-year old wearing what has been his favorite jacket on tour thus far. It is now 6:48PM.

At 8:06PM, Virgil catches his friend Ibn Jasper skateboarding through the arena. Kanye has not arrived yet.

2 Chainz has arrived to Phillips Arena to catch the show, and both he and Virgil grab something to drink. Virgil has his "Beet Up" cocktail from Kale Crazy, while 2 Chainz goes for a more traditional hip-hop selection.

Kanye takes the stage at 9PM. Yeezy season has arrived.

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