In Complex TV's fourth episode of "RiFF RAFF Realm" RiFF RAFF begins the show by sharing his kicks of the week. They're a special kind of Reebok Pumps that the rapper refers to as "Dolphin Dinosaurs." Next he speaks with famous surfer Bobby Tsunami on "Vine Time," though it appears the individual he's talking to may be a fraud. RiFF RAFF rounds out the entertaining show by chopping it up with Don "Magic" Juan in the "Funza Zone." The conversation is very informative as Juan offers a number of tips when it comes picking up with girls. Considering he's been ranked the No. 1 pimp in the country for 13 years and running, you'd be crazy not to take his advice.

Watch last week's episode of "RiFF RAFF REALM" below. RiFF RAFF's debut album NEON iCON will be released January 28.





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