Had Billboard counted YouTube and digital streaming in 2011, Rebecca Black's "Friday" would have been a chart topper. That video was one of the biggest of the year, one of the earliest viral sensations to show the power of YouTube and social media to create overnight celebrities from scratch. The song itself was heavily criticized, with Time Magazine describing it as "a whole new level of bad."

Since the release of "Friday," Black has been releasing additional singles, none of which have taken off the same way "Friday" did. Now 16, she has come back with the inevitable: a new song called "Saturday." The song itself is fairly self-intuitive for those who remember its predecessor. Having partied Friday night, Black sings about waking up the following day, recovering, and partying again. At one point, she showcases the type of lyrics that made "Friday" so infamous, saying, "Yesterday was Friday, today is Saturday." Joining her on the song is Dave Days, who sings the second verse and accompanies Black on the bridge.

The video, however, is bound to spark more controversy than "Friday" did. Sure, there are innocent moments throughout, such as Black eating cereal with the words "gotta have my bowl" on the bowl itself (a play on lyrics from "Friday") and playing with sparklers while running around on the beach with her friends.

However, the house parties that Black goes to on both Friday and Saturday night are more risque. With the houses trashed and plenty of red cups, there is ample evidence that these parties probably involve alcohol. It is worth noting that the underage Black herself never holds a red cup in her hand, and that alcohol is not visibly present at any point. But even if this was the case, the Saturday night party is the type that would be done without parental consent or supervision, the type that neighbors would get police to shut down.

Somewhat cognizant of that fact, a policeman makes an appearance towards the end of the video. Instead of ordering the partygoers to disperse, however, he simply arrests one person. And that person happens to be one of the few black people in the video.

And then of course, there's the random girl at the party who appears to be an impersonation of Miley Cyrus. She has short blonde hair and is dressed the way Miley was in the "Wrecking Ball" video, and naturally, she appears to be twerking.

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