Did reading Complex's 50 Best Albums of 2013 list send you into a twitter rage? Did you throw your computer out the window when you saw that Migos was ranked one spot ahead of Daft Punk? Do you think our #1 pick Yeezus is the worst thing Kanye has ever done? Have you spent the last week in the comments section explaining why The Nacirema Dream is better than all 50 of these overrated turds? Well then we've got good news.

Complex has hooked up with Ranker to give you an opportunity to remake our 50 Best Albums list any way you want. Using the widget below, you can give each album a thumbs up or thumbs down—if an album gets enough votes either way, it will move up or down on the list. You can also add new albums to the list, or create your own top 50 by clicking "Rank Your Own Version" at the bottom. You've already seen Complex's 50 favorites—now get ready for the people's list. Don't blame us if it sucks!

Disclaimer: What you see below is modified version of Complex's original list—the albums and rankings may be different. Click here to see the original list.

Complex's 50 Best Albums of 2013

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