So much of the music we feature here on DAD is meant to be intensely listened to very carefully or rinsed at the peakest of peak hours on a club or festival full of partygoers.  One thing that I'm personally on the look out for constantly as a working DJ are immaculate DJ tool records.  Sometimes these producers don't even necessarily realize they've done it, but I love it when I get a record like this forthcoming one from Perk Pietrek out of Singapore.  This record is seriously a bangin weirdo house/tropical mindfuck that's just as much rhythmic and hypnotic as it is dynamic and interesting.  And the joy of playing these records as a DJ is you can really use them however you want in your set and wherever you want on the track.  Pretty much guaranteed you're not going to lose cutting this one loose however you do it.  To get a guarantee like that from me about playing something that no one's probably ever heard...consider yourself lucky I'm sharing this potential deadly weapon with you. It's out any day as part of Top Billin's MMXIII Premium Crates.