Munchi and Morrison linked up to collaborate on a two-track EP to be released (on a Saturday, of all days) via Munchi's Selegna Records. It features London vocalist Isa GT, and I decided to speak to the duo about their history, their inspiration, and their thoughts on moombahton.  The tunes are below all of these words, if you're antsy.  But this conversation was incredibly interesting.

How did you two meet?
Morrison: Well, I was at school and I came back from the toilet and outta nowhere appears a wild munchi appeared in the hallway

Munchi: (laughs)

You guys went to grade school together?
Morrison: Nah man, I'm at a music school and Munchi was there because a friend of his was going to the same school.

Munchi: I got rejected over there son (laughs). Motherfuckers.

Wait, you got rejected to this music school?
Munchi: Yeah (laughs). Then I was like "fuck all these niggas."

On what grounds did you get rejected? Did they give an explanation why?
Munchi: Well, I got rejected because I sent a CD with 20 tracks containing 15 different genres and they said that they had too much talent that signed up in that year.  So I was like "OK, fuck you then" and went to the U.S. (laughs).

How long ago was this?
Munchi: 2010, when I made the choice for myself to do music.

Morrison, how did your remix of Munchi's "Gracias" come together?
Morrison: Well, it wasn't an official remix. I just had the original sample on my computer and fucked around with it a bit, and the guys from 2Deep asked me if I had something to release on the first Muevelo compilation. So I sent them that track.

You have more than 60 nutty records available to stream, and a good number of those are downloadable. Why do you think people are slow to pick up on what you're doing?
Morrison: Maybe because of the name "Morrison?" I mean, when you look up Morrison on Google, all the results you'll get will be from Jim Morrison, Van Morrison, James Morrison, etc. I think that's one of the causes.

Have you ever listened to Astral Weeks?
Morrison: No I haven't actually, neither the album nor the single. I was more the soul kind of guy, because my dad had these LP's and played the songs on his guitar.

You should check out the album… it's kind of nuts.
Morrison: I will.

But you could certainly re-brand yourself if you wanted to?
Morrison: Yeah, as MRRSN maybe.

You just turned 21. Do you ever compare your output to others your age?
Morrison: Like in my music?

Well, just the amount of tunes that you've done at such a young age.
Morrison: No I don't, man. I've actually made a lot more music, I just put out what I want. I don't know if thats the answer you're looking for (laughs).

It's just a question. You uploaded "Alegria" a year ago. How long has this record been?
Morrison: I actually finished the track just like a month or two ago. For a long time, it was just the preview that's on SoundCloud. Then Dillon Francis send me a message that he wanted to play out the track and if i could send him a copy.

Ah, so it was a work in progress...
Morrison: Yeah. And after Dillon Francis messaged me, I made a quick VIP mix of the track and sent it to him.

Isa GT is based in London… was this an online collaboration or did you guys actually meet up?
Morrison: Just online. I sadly haven't had the chance to meet up. Not even online. Like, Munchi knows her, and I think Munchi let her hear the track. She was down to make it an official release. I found the acapella online.

You each have a song on Alegria x Isa Te Dijo. Why didn't you collaborate on a record together?
Morrison: Munchi and me? Or all three of us?

You and Munchi.
Morrison: Because Munchi already had the track "Isa Te Dijo." At first, my plan was to release "Alegria" myself on a three-track EP, but after Munchi said he could make it an official release, I came up with the idea to release a two-track EP with Munchi's track and my track.

Why do you think artists in the Netherlands are producing so many great records right now?
Morrison: I don't think it's just right now. It's more like the "dutch sound" is fairly new in the US, and its super catchy. We already had that Dutch Sound hype, and its now taking over in America.

I think our country is still a bit slow on it…
Morrison: It is? Because the "Pon Di Floor" track was pretty much a Dutch sound, and Afrojack who produced the track is one of the biggest mainstream artists in the world right now.

A few records doesn't mean people understand the sound… Boaz still hasn't blown up over here, you know? Even with a Mad Decent release. I probably don't even truly understand the sound.
Morrison: Yeah, you're right. But Boaz has a more aggressive sound then the others. What Boaz did was new to the Dutch people, too.

This one is for both of you.  Who do you listen to for inspiration?
Morrison: A lot of people, l like Kaytranada, Jensen Sportag. Of course the brotha Munchi. But most of all, my inspiration comes from dancehall tracks or skullstep and darkstep guys like Donny and Current Value.

Munchi: I haven't been listening to a lot of music these days. I would say that I just went back to where it all starts - Nas and Modern Classic.

Munchi, the U.S. is thirsty for your return to the club circuit. Is this happening anytime soon?
Munchi: It'll happen when it needs to happen. I think it would be safe to say that the people that are waiting for that, want to hear and see me when I'm at my best and give the fullest. Like, to play the same shit every time and just do gigs just because… I feel that thats kinda disrespectful towards the crowd. They are paying to see you play, so you should bring it 100%. Anything less is slacking.

How has the moombahton scene changed in the last few years?
Morrison: I think the people who are always following the trends or the new hypes in music left the scene. After moombah they went to trap, and now to twerk. The people who really love moombah are still doing it. The thing with moombahton is that it never went commercial like trap did.

Where do you see moombahton heading in the next few years?
Morrison: I hope it will make a big comeback, but I don't think it will ever be like it was a couple of years ago. It will probably stay on the same level as it is now.

Munchi: I think otherwise, to be honest. I think it'll pop back up.