Colombian-born and Toronto-based producer/supreme power blogger Caballo's been busy in the last twelve months with his new Mal Dicen (which translates to "Mad Decent" in English) sub-label under the three-year old Latino Resiste "digilabel." An underground label promoting itself as "the voice of the ones who don't have a voice" - much like Motown being the "Sound of Young America" - Mal Dicen's recently-released Bangers 2013 compilation showcases the imprint as the sound of a tropical bass diaspora bubbling to the next level.

Twenty tracks from artists who have begin to surface in this movement like Major Lazer's Walshy Fire, Vermont-based JSTJR, Miami's Happy Colors, and those you possibly may be unaware of (including Banginclude, Beauty Brain, Chong X and Caballo himself) and a plethora more create a top-shelf compilation of possibly some of the many directions of where EDM is headed in the future.

(Mad Decent)