Lil Bibby might have just released Free Crack on Friday, but he has already started releasing new material this weekend. First came the music video for "Change." Shot and directed by B Eazy of Elevator Mag, the video starts with Bibby conducting a transaction with a distributor. However, when the Chicago native gets in his car, he realizes that he's been cheated out of his money, and plots revenge against the man who swindled him. Later that night, Bibby and his friends run up on the distributor and rob him back at gunpoint, masks over their faces.

While "Change" appeared on Free Crack, a new Bibby song called "Strange" also came out today. The song, produced by Druture, is pensive, as the Bibby evaluates his prospects in the rap game right now. "Making money off rap glad I ain't gotta sell it," he says. "Strange" appears on Druture and DJ Victorious' new EP, Out Of Towners.

[via FakeShoreDrive]

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