Christmas is a season of giving, a season of blessings, a season of hope, a season of faith. It's a time of renewal, a time for reflection, a time for coming together, a time for joy and happiness and love. It is, one might say, a very rare and based holiday.

And today, it truly is, as The Based God has smiled favorably upon the world and brought unto it a long-awaited mixtape, a glimmer of hope in dark days. Yes, Lil B has finally emerged from his relative silence and quiet release calendar to check off a key item on the Task Force's wish list, 05 Fuck Em.

Those accustomed to Lil B's normally prolific output have had to rein in their expectations over the past few months, but they'll find themselves more than amply rewarded for their patience with 05 Fuck Em, which includes 101 songs—enough to fill six discs, according to Lil B. It's a historic collector's item, as based and rare as a glimpse of old St. Nick himself:

Download 05 Fuck Em here, and spread the based spirit during this special time of year. 

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