Back in October we introduced you to Honolulu, Hawaii's Jacuzzi via his HypeM-topping remix of Santigold's "Disparate Youth," but that was truly the tip of the iceberg. He's already worked with Mr. Carmack, but his next feat is the beginning of a new chapter in this bass music thing. Mizu, an EP of original Jacuzzi bits, is set to be released on December 8, and is five tracks of awe-inspiring material. Just peep "Exodus," with its epic intro. Just sit down and truly take in what's going on when you hit play. It's like the opening act of a play you didn't know what to expect, but can't wait to see play out. Once that beat kicks in, it's all over... just a massive piece of trap excellence, trust we. To accentuate its awesomeness, Karborn was called in to craft an insane video, chock full of found footage of varying degrees of NSFW-ness. A spectacular display for an enticing intro to one of the new breed of bass music beasts in our midst. Keep it locked.

Mizu EP Tracklist:

1. Exodus
2. Tundra
3. Luxury
4. Loose Ends
5. Curtain Call