Did dance music fans at Art Basel miss our guide to the different shows going down in Miami over the last few days? To hear REVOLT tell it, there were roughly 50 or so people out there during Gesaffelstein's performance at the Pitchfork-curated One Million Square Feet of Culture, which you can catch brief moments of. Shone in a red light, cigarette in mouth, Jack Daniels by his side, he charges through his set, and while he didn't want to speak with REVOLT, he did give HuffPo some time earlier this week, where he drops some thoughts about the "EDM" scene that we imagine many of DAD's foreign readership would agree with:

"I have the feeling that [in the U.S.] they don't really grant a big difference between Daft Punk, David Guetta and me... In the U.S., it's 'EDM' because it's electronic. But it's not the same -- if I play in Europe at a festival, I know for sure that I will not play at the same stage as David Guetta. It's totally different, and the crowd too. Most of the time when I play in Europe, I'll play in an alternative festival, with a rock band, a hip-hop group or even just an electronic festival with only European techno. For us, in France, 'EDM' is not 'electronic' -- it's just dance music, but in the worst way. There is nothing electronic, there is nothing techno, there is nothing house. It's just not the same music."

While we beg to differ, we get that he's charged by the stigma that surrounds the term "EDM." Shitty music is shitty music... that doesn't mean that an American who likes electronic music doesn't know that there's a difference between what he's doing and what David Guetta is doing. Maybe he's reading the wrong blogs... or just not caring enough to investigate in what people in America are rocking to. We see you, though, Gesaffelstein, and love you anyways.