And you guys wondered why we wished deadmau5 was back on Twitter. A Reddit user spoke out about a forthcoming deadmau5 Unhooked show that's going down at New City Gas in Montreal, with a $117 ticket price. This immediately angered deadmau5, who spoke on promoters that "look like i'd have the fuckin BALLS to charge people 100+ after xmas and new years when everyones just SO LOADED with extra cash to throw around." But instead of just talking about it, he took the situation straight to New City Gas, demanding that they lower the tickets... something he actually reclaimed his Twitter account to do. The result? The fans in Montreal end up getting two shows: one on January 2, one on January 3. The ticket price? $50 each. deadmau5 wins, and his win is even bigger because he did it for the fans. Man of the year? Possibly.

(Dancing Astronaut, Magnetic Magazine)