After much speculation, updates, and wait for his "suckscription" service, deadmau5 has unleashed just in time for the holidays. From what he told Dancing Astronaut, the reason for the site is basically to consolidate his outreach; running a Tumblr, Twitter account, and Facebook can be cumbersome: "I imagined all the services I have used previously, why I used them, and why I needed to use 3 different services to express myself in various ways… and then after I figured that out, I had to ask myself why I needed to use so many different platforms? Twitter for mind vomit, Instagram for photos, SoundCloud for music… just seems kinda silly. But for some reason, it’s artist / industry practice to use Twitter / FB / SoundCloud and Instagram."

While signing up for the site is free, it will cost you $4.99 a month (or $44.99 annually); this fee gives you the ability to listen to full song previews, downlaod music, posting in the forum, and the ability to take part in the live streams. On the one hand, it's a brilliant way to make sure that those who really appreciate his music (you know, fans), it looks like he has an eye on the future: "My long term and ‘out there’ dream of this site / application would be to kinda transform and create my own music distribution model, making what would be an independent artist, truly, independent of other unified and non unified systems." This is a brilliant move, and one step past the accounts and such, giving fans much more access for a very affordable price. If you truly want to explore his world, you can give your monies directly to the source.

What does this mean for his Astralwerks deal? We're not sure. He mentioned that 7 would be available soon, so we imagine it will drop via this service, but also spoke about getting his album ready. We'll assume that Mau5trap will operate outside of this, and whatever album deal he has set up with Astralwerks will move smoothly, but that a grip of his back catalog and whatever other noodlings outside of that deal will go via the "live" site.

Peruse and explore.