Album: My Name Is My Name

Somehow, over a decade deep into his rap career, Pusha T finds new ways to reflect on his drug dealing days. The latest example: his "Nosetalgia" verse, which plays alley for Kendrick Lamar's eventual oop. As the title suggests, the Virginia MC uses his bars to weave together reflections on his youth and paint "a million megapixels of the Pyrex."

He talks about his come up through typically vivid Push imagery, metaphors, and plays on words. But there's also an unparalleled candor to Pusha's delivery when he spits lines like, "If he dies he dies." The biggest criticism leveled against Pusha T is that his subject matter is limited in diversity—yet, with a performance like the one he gives here, he reminds why he's been able to do it for so long.