There's no doubt about it: the music industry is moving into a realm where you don't need to be with a record label to grow as an artist. And while there are so many avenues that one can go down to release music (and get paid for it), you can't help but understand why an artist would want to hook up with a quality imprint. Being affiliated with a recognized label is one of the perks, but being able to focus on making music, knowing that the machine will make sure to get it to the masses, can be a large load lifted from any producer's head.

In 2013, there were a number of stellar record imprints in the electronic music scene, but which ones were the best? Hell, what makes an imprint the best? Somewhere between the roster they have, the music they put out, and the scene they represent, we find the labels that, without a shadow of a doubt, stood heads above their counterparts.