2Pac has been immortalized for not only being a rapper, but for also being a visionary. His commentary on politics and society was always astute, something that was reflected in his interviews as much as it was in his music. His 1994 interview with Entertainment Weekly's Benjamin Svetkey is proof of that. In the interview, Pac spoke about his mother's decision to join the Black Panther Party, and tied that back to his own identity as as thug, which he said came "half from the street element and half from the Black Panther element.

The interview has been used as part of PBS' Blank on Blank animated video series. It's a brilliant depiction of this poignant interview, where Pac also addressed the growing media scrutiny he was facing and how it changed people's perception of who he was. "Everybody wants to use me," he said. "From this level to the street level. I have no friends, I have no resting place, I never sleep. I can never close my eyes." In a chilling moment, Pac said, "I feel like a tragic hero in a Shakespeare play.”

[via Miss Info]

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