Producer: Bangladesh
Album: Tha Carter III (2008)
Label: Cash Money, Universal Motown

Bangladesh didn't think he was finished producing the track when he gave Lil Wayne a slowed and stuttered Phife Dawg vocal loop and a threadbare drum pattern to rap to. But that was all Wayne needed. The ample open space in the beat gave Wayne the room to unleash Mixtape Weezy on the street single for his long-awaited Tha Carter III. Songs like Cam'ron's "Oh Boy" had shown how vocal loops could be woven into a beat in a way that the rapper can playfully interact with, but "A Milli" was a strange and infectious demonstration of a new way to stack voices on top of voices—one static and unchanging and the other constantly reaching for new words and flows. Even the distinctive, halting snare fills of "A Milli" have become a basic building block of dozens of hit songs that followed in its wake. —Al Shipley