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Red Frame 

1. Person Unknown
Age:  Unknown

2. Person Unknown
Age:  Unknown

3. Person Unknown
Age: Unknown

4. Charlie Chase (Cold Crush Brothers) 
Age: 54
Charlie Chase broke ground by being the first Latino to establish himself as a DJ in hip-hop. In 2003, he was inducted into the Technics, DMC DJ Hall Of Fame. He announced in September of this year that he was no longer with Cold Crush Brothers. He currently lives in Tampa, Fla. and DJs at events and parties.

5. Easy A.D. (Cold Crush Brothers)
Age: 49
Cold Crush Brothers' Easy A.D. made an appearance on Michelle Obama’s hip hop album which was released in September. He also works with Hip-Hop H.E.A.L.S. (Healthy Eating and Living in Schools) at Harlem Hospital alongside DJ Tony Tone. A.D. is the coordinating manager of the program, which targets schools in communities with obesity and its related illnesses. He also works at Columbia University Medical Center as a research coordinator in the neurology department's stroke division with a program called Hip-Hop Stroke. Easy A.D. is also currently the Educational Director for Hip-Hop Public and is featured on a track on the album, Songs For A Healthier America. In 1999, he collaborated with KRS-One for The Temple Of Hip-Hop Project, a popular lecture tour focused on hip-hop history.

6. Grandmaster Caz (Cold Crush Brothers)
Age: 54
In 2012, Grandmaster Caz was given a major role in Ice-T’s film, Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap. All of the lyrics from his old notebooks have been published in a book titled Written! The Lyrics Of Grandmaster Caz. He also made an appearance in the movie Step Up 3 and frequently hosts and lectures for Hush's Hip-Hop Tours in NYC.

7. Neek The Exotic
Age: Unknown
Neek The Exotic has continued to release music since his debut album dropped in 1997. In 2011 dropped Still On The Hustle with Large Professor and recently released a new solo album, Hustle Don’t Stop.

8. Zulu King Muhammad (Zulu Nation Supreme Council)
Age: Unknown

9. Person Unknown
Age: Unknown

10. Almighty KayGee
Age: 44
Almighty KayGee continues to make music and released an album in 2010, The Way We Like It.

11. DJ Tony Tone (Cold Crush Brothers)
Age: 54
DJ Tony Tone currently works with Hip-Hop H.E.A.L.S. (Healthy Eating and Living in Schools) at Harlem Hospital with Easy A.D. He also has a stage-show production company, Tony Crush Enterprises. Tony Tone is also the vice president of the Hip-Hop Parade, which is currently waiting on approval from Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz.

12. Pee Wee Dance (Rock Steady Crew)
Age: Unknown 
During a phone interview, fellow Rock Steady Crew member Crazy Legs said Pee Wee Dance "disappeared" after the '90s, and hasn't heard anything since from him or a potential publicist.

13. Ant Banks
Age: 47
In a 2007 interview Ant Banks said that he is venturing into projects outside of hip-hop and making music for himself in a home studio.

14. Person Unknown
Age: Unknown 

15. Special K (Awesome Two)
Age: Declined to give age
Special K broadcasts on two radio stations on Music Choice available on Direct TV and Satellite Sirius Radio XM, along with Teddy Ted. He is working on his first book with Special K and books tours.

16. Imani (The Pharcyde)
Age: 41
In addition to music with The Pharcyde, Imani began a solo career and released two albums exclusively in Japan.

17. DJ Ron G
Age: 40
DJ Ron G is working with four radio shows online and continues to make music. He also has launched his own Internet promotion company called King Promo. He also created a remix for R&B group DMK from Detroit. DJ Ron G is also promoting and working with R&B and hip-hop singer JV DARAPSINGA from Boston.

18. Person Unknown
Age: Unknown

19. DJ Silver D
Age: Unknown
DJ Silver D is still making music.

20. AMG
Age: 43
AMG has had a falling out with his old partner DJ Quik after their Midnight Life project was shelved in 2008. 

21. MC Serch
Age: 46
MC Serch has been working on a talk show, Serch, which was recently approved for a test run for CBS. The test run is slated to start in January. The show will feature the 3rd Bass MC, who hosted ego trip's The White Rapper Show on VH-1 in 2007, helping people solve their problems.

22. Pharoahe Monch (Organized Konfusion)
Age: 46
Pharoahe Monch released his third solo W.A.R. (We Are Renegades), and has been working with the Canadian producer Marco Polo. He also recently released a song titled, "Stand Your Ground," about the Florida gun law that made headlines this year during the Zimmerman case.

23. Person Unknown
Age: Unknown

24.  DJ Lord Jazz (Lords of The Underground)
Age: 44
DJ Lord Jazz is currently in the studio with Lords Of The Underground and producer 9th Wonder, working on a project to celebrate 20 years of being in the business. He is also recording music with his 9-year-old daughter (!) DJ Glo. He currently lives in Paris, where he frequently DJs. He is also CEO of his own Cleveland-based record company, Premium Records.

25. Person Unknown
Age: Unknown 

26. Chi-Ali
Age: 37
In 2001, Chi-Ali was shown on America’s Most Wanted for murder and later charged and sentenced to 14 years for first degree murder in the Bronx. He has served 12 years.

27. Kool DJ Red Alert
Age: 56
Kool DJ Alert, one of the founders of A Tribe Called Quest's larger collective, Native Tongues, Red Alert spins on New York's WBLS and Sirious Radio's old-school show, Backspin.

28. Sweet Tee
Age: Declined to give age
An assistant director of a drug treatment program by day, pioneering Queens rapper Sweet Tee is currently making an album from which she plans to release new songs in early 2014. She also has an animated television show in the works.