I'm a bit confused as to how What So Not aren't a household name. This is a collaboration between Flume and Emoh, who have created almost 50 bangers in the past three years. They've landed on Mad Decent, Ultra, and have appeared twice on OWSLA. Thrice if you count the "Club Dubs" edition of "The Quack." And really, we should just be able to say "this is a duo featuring Flume" and watch people jump. We're trying.

In "Touched," you are engulfed by beautiful sound design and tons of tiny nuances. Some of the synth work reminds me of Apashe and Snails' "Bubble Gun," but this sound is incredibly unique. The layering in these drums is a bit more complicated, and certain sounds are subtly panned and confined.. The vocal and instrument samples almost tease each other. It's marvelously done, and it's free for download. Share it around and enjoy.