Complex TV is back with another exclusive show that explores all of the questions you wanted to know about your favorite artists. From the first album they ever bought to their favorite cuss words and go-to restaurants, find out what makes your favorite artists Complex Individuals

In this episode of Complex Individuals, Vince Staples shares the greatest risk that he's taken in life. The 20-year-old rapper says he took a large sum of money from his mom with plans to pay her back. However, it didn't quite work out that way. "I didn't get it back so I had to make up like a long ass story on why I took her shit," he admits. "I acted like I was in danger, like, 'Mom I need this money. Niggas gonna kill me.' I did it from a movie. But I didn't know she had seen the movie. And she beat my ass." Vince also reveals his celebrity crush. Or better yet, his celebrity crushes. From Kat Dennings to Gabrielle Union, Vince has his eye on a few ladies. 

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