Let it be said: Rap is fun. There aren't many things more enjoyable than watching somebody work themselves up into a frenzy just saying stuff. And there are few people who are doing a better job at said frenzying right now than Vic Mensa.

After murdering the booth on BET's "The Backroom" two weeks ago, he stopped by MTV's "RapFix" to prove wrong the assumption that "the first one was a fluke/anyone can get beginners' luck." Also in attendance were A$AP Rocky, who was promoting his new video, "Phoenix," and Bun B, who's making the rounds in support of his new album, Trill O.G. But while Rocky and Bun were calm and self-assured, like dudes who have been there once or twice before, Vic was hungry.

He dropped two straight minutes of lacerating bars (over a beat he produced!), dismissing the people who dismiss him ("Yeah I heard of Vic, he sound like so and so and such and such/He ain't original, he ain't digital, he ain't the Internet/Them Odd Future kids been had made that shit up"), launching into a list of brags and talking about his past selling weed and holy shit dude are you guys listening to Vic Mensa yet? Sway had to cut him off to go to commercial, Rocky was loving it and even a bored-looking Bun finally cracked a smile and gave a handshake at the end.

But that's not all folks!

After the break, Rocky came back for a freestyle before getting flustered about not cursing, and Bun stepped in to rap off the top and put the young dudes in their place. Seriously, that dude is the best. Then an Oakland rapper named Glam stopped by unexpectedly. And then Vic and Rocky seemed really excited to keep rapping, and they started actually freestyling and—shit, is it clear yet that these guys were just having an awesome time?

Has Rocky ever looked this happy in a situation where he wasn't with like six other A$AP Mob dudes? Has anyone ever been as thirsty to prove themselves as Vic is here and then actually delivered this resoundingly? Sure, his appeal in these is largely technical, but Vic Mensa is rapidly proving himself as one of the most entertaining, formally brilliant guys working right now. It's hard to tell if this was really Bun B's cup of tea, but that guy is just cool as hell all the time. 

Anyway, watch this video above. It's 100 percent worth the time.

[via MTV]

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