Well damn; Universal is truly hedging their bets properly. Island Records (which is a part of the Universal Music Group) already has Afrojack and Avicii on their imprint, and Universal's Republic Records imprint already quietly signed Martin Garrix, and now we find out (via this episode of "In The Booth") that Tiesto's set to release his next album through Universal, while still running Musical Freedom for developing talent. He doesn't give up too much info, but seems to have aspirations to have "an album that’s Top 10 all over the world," with singers and proper singles that would impact in different spaces. They played a song "Footprints" during the clip that featured a vocal and guitar, and had a feel similar to Avicii's "You Make Me" or Afrojack's "The Spark," i.e. radio-ready smashes. We'll keep you posted on new info, but it sounds like Tiesto's really planning on solidifying his place within the upper echelon of EDM.

(Dancing Astronaut)