Loosen your belts and get ready to grub. Thanksgiving is just days away. The annual holiday of cramming turkey and pumpkin pie in your face (plus the inevitable tryptophan coma afterwords), family togetherness, hours of football, and Black-Friday-sales stampedes are equal parts awesome and anxiety-ridden. Even for your favorite rappers.

Maybach Music Group's Fat Trel can't wait to introduce his girlfriend to his grandmother at the dinner table—what a romantic! Meanwhile Raekwon will miss his family due to Wu-Tang’s hectic tour schedule. Freeway has been on his workout grizzly as of late and is already regretting the calorie-busting sins his trainer will bust him for the day after.

The newest signee to the Coke Boyz, Lil Durk, may be known for his gritty raps, but he's really getting into the holiday spirit—spearheading a food drive in his hometown Chicago. Still buzzing off the buzz of “My Hitta,” YG can’t wait for the feeding frenzy. But you won’t see him around when his least favorite dishes—greens and yams—hit the table. As for Gunplay? The consummate hustler is tripping over how much money he's losing by not working over the holiday. What a workaholic! Find out what else rappers are (and aren't) looking forward to this Thanksgiving.

As told to Sowmya Krishnamurthy (@SowmyaK)

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