Chris Pecker is a reporter for KNBC in Los Angeles. He has likely delivered hundreds of stories on television in his career, and will do many more in the days and weeks ahead. However, here is one report that Pecker will never forget.

As the Vine above shows, a man suddenly jumped on screen during this one news report. "Hold on," he tells Pecker, before grabbing the microphone. Then, turning towards the camera, the man began rapping acapella. A bewildered Pecker could do nothing but watch helplessly as the rapper took the phrase "15 minutes of fame" to heart and got his music out there for a local television audience.

Somehow, someone was alert enough to capture most of the moment on Vine, and now this unnamed rapper will go viral for his gutsy decision to go for it and grab the microphone. And what exactly did he choose to say?

""Pace yourself to pedal/Livin' in the life cycle/Street disciples/Got the right to..."

Not bad.

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