Maino was one of New York City's first responders when Trinidad Jame$ declared that the South was "running" things in the Big Apple. Less than twelve hours after Trinidad released his new song "L.I.A.R.S.," Maino called into Hot 97's Morning Show to talk about his issues with Trinidad. While Maino said that he shared some of the same concerns Trinidad expressed about the lack of support for New York's local artists, he felt that it was not Trinidad's place to speak on these issues as an outsider. He also added that for Trinidad to disrespect New York City while in New York would be inexcusable elsewhere.

Maino's solution to resolve these issues? "We're just going to discipline him. That's it. He should be food. We want to take him to the dentist."

Interestingly enough, a new video from Maino and The Mafia came out today, coinciding with his comments about Jame$. The song is called "F**k These Industry N***as," and the title itself pretty much says everything. The video finds Maino and his crew walking into a corporate office and kidnapping the occupants to restore order.

[via XclusivesZone]

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