It's always intriguing to see artists grow. Never did I imagine back in 2007/2008, when I was first seeing the name Histibe buzzing, that he'd be sitting in an intriguing space where Jay Z's Life+Times would be premiering his "So Far" video, or visual artists like Joe Perez (from Kanye West's DONDA studio) would be designing the artwork and digital booklet for Histibe's next album, MILLENNIUM DRUM N BASS. All of this is happening, and this Ukranian producer is sitting pretty while a number of producers are laying by the wayside. It's truly not hard to explain, though; tracks like "Third Millennium" demand your attention. This is drum & bass, but with a bigger, more epic feel. It's drenched in the neuro sound that's had a place within the scene since the late '90s, but it definitely feels like more of an event than some of the throwaway bits. It's dark, bleek, and unrelenting in nature, and takes over any space that it occupies. Also, Histibe has a determination that other artists lack. He knows his worth, and in many ways is similar to Kanye in that aspect. It'll be interesting to see how MILLENNIUM DRUM N BASS is received when it drops on December 16, but we're definitely impressed with how far Histibe's gone so far.