The third part of Eminem's four-part interview with Zane Lowe has been released. Eminem talks about his lyrical direction on The Marshall Mathers LP 2, his collaboration with Kendrick Lamar on "Love Game" and how "Headlights" came about.

Eminem says he was partially influenced by the EP Hell: The Sequel that he and Royce da 5'9" made in 2011. The experience allowed him to open up from a lyrical standpoint, which is something he continued on the new album. "Making the EP with Royce was like, we weren't making an album so we didn't have to round it out," he says. "We didn't have to make sure that we covered a bunch of subjects or didn't make every song the same topic-wise. I kind of took some of that with me to this record."

Later Eminem shares the story behind Kendrick Lamar joining him on the album. Their connection came near the end of the recording process. Em says Kendrick met him in Detroit and that he wanted the Compton MC to do a hook as well as rap on one of his records. At first though Kendrick may have been unaware of this plan. "To this day I'm not sure if he understood that I always wanted him to rap on it," Eminem says. "Because he laid two hooks and then he kind of looked like, 'Is that it?'"

Watch the full clip above where Eminem also touches on how "Headlights" came together. Part one and two of his interview with Zane Lowe can be watched here and here.

[via BBC]

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