Months ago, German electronic producer MOGUAI was awkwardly directly in between Belgian superstars Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, for the original mix of "Mammoth." The artists brought with them to this track their larger than life sounds, variant flavors coming together like the a pint of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. Sometimes it is those unlikely combinations, the inclusion of ingredients previously unthought of, that make the most delicious tastes. Vegas, Like Mike and MOGUAI combined forces to develop mammoth sounds, as the track is so appropriately named. It isn't really a question why any of these big room sounds are named after gigantic animals and devastating natural disasters. They inflict such heavy destruction in their path, the sound waves booming through the air, it is as if there is a storm or a large prehistoric animal present at times.

This track has become a staple on the dancefloor, and I'd be surprised if most big room house/progressive fans didn't know the melody within the first few notes they heard. At the end of the track, the beat takes on some characteristics of deeper, dirtier Dutch and progressive house sounds. Even though there is a familiarity in the original mix, the beauty of electronic music is that tracks can always be shook up to resemble something completely new. This is evidenced in Bailo's trap remix of "Mammoth."

The heavy, dirty beats at the end provide an even transition for this track into trap, and Bailo seems to simplistically include all of the very familiar aspects of trap, such as clapping beats and rolling snares, synth melodies and short vocal phrases exclaimed or slow motioned. Anyone who likes trap or trap house will fucks with this remix. It is solid and guaranteed to get arms and elbows flying about in the club. Bailo is an up and coming producer, with many talents (including being an R&B/pop singer). Trying his hand at some trap/trap house in this remix of "Mammoth," he shows a lot of promise as a versatile addition to the industry.