Willis Haltom is a name that's almost synonymous with the dance music scene in Hawaii. He's one of the brains behind Asylum, a club that's represented for dance music in Hawaii since 2008, and has made DJ Mag's "best clubs in the world" list three years in a row. He's had a slew of talent hit the venue, from Juan Atkins to Claude VonStroke, and has taken his talents to Chicago's Skybar, spots in San Francisco, and Los Angeles. He's also been getting his producer credits up, with dirtybird and Let's Beat Milo in 2012, while Get Physical and Riff Raff getting tracks and remixes from Haltom, as well as the debut of the Asylum Confidential imprint in 2013. For DAD, Willis sorted out a massive 103-minute mix, "Asylum Confidential," that's true to not only his brand of DJing, but the deeeeep house sound that the Asylum nightclub emits. Throw this one on and get your relatives grooving.

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