Love and hate have a funny way of prompting the same types of obsessive behavior. Fully aware of this, Chicago singer Chris James explores the wild behaviors and attitudes relationships can sometimes inspire on "Love Hate," which builds around a hook that goes "Tell me that you hate me/that just mean you love me." Matching James's smooth, even-keeled voice to gauzy production that will appeal to fans of acts like The Weeknd, it's a recipe for a smash even before the monster guest appearance from Pusha T.

King Push holds no punches, ferociously announcing "I just dropped album of the year/better know what you're fucking with" before launching into some relationship thoughts of his own ("Put you all on that red carpet/paparrazzi gonna run with this"), including a seemingly Kanye-inspired aside on monogamy: "How that sound to you?/I ain't bound to you." "You hate to love it but you love to hate it," he raps, but there's nothing but love for this track's pillowy R&B vibes and insistent lyrics.

Check it out below:

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