Back in May, Zedd took to Twitter to rant on how fans talk and act towards their favorite artists in the social media age. We all have seen first hand how vicious and evil these Internets can be. Heroes today, villains tomorrow. In looking at the sharp rise in Carnage's stock, he's bound to catch some hate, and overnight he sent out a series of tweets that highlights his frustration with the way he's being spoken of. Claims about him having ghost-producers and not being able to DJ seem to have gotten to him, which seems to be par for the course when you're in the EDM scene, but Carnage wasn't feeling that, and the world got to see his anger bubble over. And what does he mean about being "done with this bullshit?" Is he handing over the Twitter reins to someone else? He's not dropping out of the scene, is he?

We have no idea what will come of this, but DAD has to stress: once you hit a certain level, growing tough skin should be a requirement.

EDIT Carnage has since deleted his tweets and blames them on lack of sleeping for two weeks straight. Gotta keep your mind and body aligned when you're on the constant grind.

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(White Raver Rafting)