K-pop is frequently a genre of excess, and few groups do the big-budget spectacle better (i.e. get bigger budgets) than Big Bang, the YG Entertainment quintet that launched superstar rapper/singer and Complex cover star G-Dragon. Taeyang is a member of Big Bang and a unique style force in his own right, so there was pretty much no question the video for his new single "Ringa Linga" was going to be the kind of thing where no expense was spared.

Sure enough, there he is chilling on top of industrial gear, leading multiple choreographed dances in suitably grimy looking places and turning up in an awesome space car straight out of Tron. But that's not even the best video he made for the song!

There's also the "Dance Performance" video, which includes choreography from the actual video but is shot entirely in one take in and out of the dance studio. It. Is. Awesome. Seriously. Watching a well-coordinated dance is pretty much the most fun thing, and this is pretty much the most well-coordinated dance you are ever going to see.

Check it out above. Or just watch the boring old regular version (hint: it is not that boring) with the dancers under blacklights and Taeyang's insane dreads in it below:

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