Scarface's heartwarming "My Block" blares through the speakers, so it automatically feels like we're sitting on lawn chairs, posted in Harlem during the summer. Jim Jones is up first, Kansas Chiefed out, before Juelz steps to the mic with the gaze of a psycho. "Young Muhammad Atta/No plane lessons/Cocaine lessons/That supplied the towers..." Canonical post-9/11 rap music, and his whole verse sounds like it might be his lost contribution to "Welcome to New York City", especially the way he incorporates the song title into his rhymes.

And then it's like God shines down on us from his pink realm of Heaven. During the entire time that Jim and Juelz are spitting (about 135 seconds), Cam hangs in the back with his head down, counting a huge stack of cheese as he slowly inches toward the front. Pink Coogi, pink crewneck, green bills and all, Cam proceeds to lay down the greatest thing that BET cameras have ever captured. When he's done counting his bread, he just dances with two stacks in each hand. They should show this video to kids in first grade for inspiration every week. 50 thought he was teaching you how to stunt, but come on. There are too many quotables to even pick one out. Just bask in the glory of the entire thing. Dipset Forever.