Stans: "Gucci is a legend."
Haters: "He's ignorant and raps in incomprehensible gibberish."

The Reality: His mumbled delivery can mask his lyrical prowess, but that's a part of his aesthetic. He strikes a balance between an almost synesthetic sense of metaphor and an unparalleled sense of not giving a fuck that appeals to almost as many people as there are Gucci Mane mixtapes. He's a hugely controversial artist with good reason (his music is often misogynistic and violent) but is also unfairly maligned because people don't always understand what he's actually saying (or don't care to listen). He spent five years from 2005 on significantly shifting the sound of how Southern (and Midwestern) artists rap. He's also has been on a downward tilt, his music more predictable than ever, since he failed to completely cross over with 2010's The Appeal.