Stans: "He brought a new emotional honesty to hip-hop, he's a great rapper, and he speaks for my generation."
Haters: "He's soft, he sings too much, and he's a cornball."

The Reality: A lot of former Drake haters (myself included) have flip-flopped since this last album. Is it because his music is better, or is it because people are finally coming around to the idea that his persona is acceptable in rap? Probably both. Emotional honesty existed in hip-hop well before Drake. His innovation isn't a new openness (in some ways, he's very closed off and guarded) but a focus on the tics of language of relationship turmoil. There are occasionally cringe-worthy lyrics. But he can rap. Drake, the sing-rapper, #emotionalboys pioneer, and all-around good guy, does have a refreshing take on hip-hop.