This is an interesting case right here. Back when I was properly sinking my teeth into the New York electronic music culture, I happened upon Soul Slinger's Liquid Sky imprint, primarily because they were one of the few putting out jungle music from the States. They released a solid, leftfield LP, Genetic Flaw, from DJ WAlly that I ended up championing the FUCK out of back then. He just had that hip-hop sensibility that he applied to the art of leftfield beats that had me open. Following his career, he actually helped put the U.S. drum & bass scene on the map, primarily under his Pish Posh guise, and along with DJ Seen and Chris Thomas formed the seminal trio Burner Brothers. WAlly and Seen were also a huge part of independent hip-hop label Rawkus' dance music imprint, Raw.kuts, which released two Pish Posh albums and a number of remixes of popular acts. He'd fallen back into making hip-hop instrumentals for groups and putting out a number of dope beats projects, but I'd not heard him come with any of that Pish Posh fury, espescially in a more bass music/dubstep vein.

Today, Patrol the Skies (shouts to DJ Seen for keeping the vibe alive) released a free two-track single from Pish Posh that features "Sasquatch Bass," a dubstep-in-tempo track that adds classic breakbeats, a dub mindstate, and off-kilter samples overtop of those wild 808s. "When I Grip The Wood" is a bit more rugged, finding a classic hip-hop backbone being teamed with dubstep aggression and a wild bassline. One for the bassfreaks, true indeed.

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