I love when music does exactly what you'd expect it to. There's a certain way I'd expect a Noisia collaboration with Calyx & TeeBee to go down, and when I got my mittens on this forthcoming single on Noisia's Vision imprint, I was floored... just by seeing that they'd collaborated. It was almost difficult to even give the amazing collab between Noisia and Evol Intent, as TeeBee, Calyx, and Noisia as separate entities represent some of the most important movements within the drum & bass scene. Together? It's a return to a certain pristine feel to dnb, where carefully-calculated tones and sounds are the norm, as is pushing the envelope. Truly intoxicating drum & bass that, if we had our way, would be the topic of all dance music conversation. We'll just be over here, reveling in this track's dark beauty. This single drops on Vision on October 21.