Two weeks ago, Billboard's cover story focused on the notion that the music industry was doing a poor job of extending itself into the nearly $14 billion brands were likely to spend on sports in 2013 alone. However, in studying the issue from the standpoint of how the industry could better capitalize from sports, maybe Billboard is contemplating the right issue, but from the wrong perspective. If a fan of electronic dance music, you likely already understand how EDM's long-standing practices actually engender the rising princess of popular music to providing answers for the wild, unstable and decentralized future that the music industry appears to be facing. Maybe if leagues themselves entered into the "label" game - but with a more socialized and ultimately league-brand first specific concept, it would be the artists - not the industry - who would stand to gain the most from the idea. Intrigued? Well, imagine if the National Basketball Association partnered with EDM DJ/producers to create a next level marketing platform for the music, culture and progressive mainstream marketability of not just the league, but EDM culture and the longevity of the producers themselves. Crazy, right? It's a slam dunk of an idea.