DJEJ, Minimaxx, and Cabo Blanco are three producers living in New York that have been creating left field bass music for years. Collaborating to resurrect a 22-year-old banger from New York's 740 Boyz, this trio pulled from several influences to create an amazing record. In Shimmy Shake, you hear hints of moombahton, trap, and club. But this one has the feel of a late '90s house record, with it's thumping bass and pitched vocals.

We are seeing tons of collaborations popping up within the bass music scene, and this one made us grin. These are three producers that will be household names if they continue their hustle. All of them are creating danceable records with consistency, and think outside of the box when creating their sounds. This one is exclusive to Do Androids Dance, and is downloadable. Give it a spin on your local dance floor or vibe out.