Sometimes, you have to kick yourself for not picking up on things. Back in April, we put you onto Kingdom's "Corpse," which was taken from his Vertical XL, which got a full release on Fade to Mind. My particular jam was is "OG Master," but it was the Kelela-featured "Bank Head" that must have gotten a lot of people moving. Fade to Mind was smart, and assembled their talented forces (which features the likes of Bok Bok, Girl Unit, Jam City, Nguzunguzu, and others) to provide a baker's dozen of perfect electronic soundscapes for her to wander through on CUT 4 ME. It's a perfect match; Kelela can carry a note, but doesn't feel the need to overpower the tracks, and the instrumentals used are crafted for precision Kelela beauty. This might be one of the best marriages of the human voice and the electronic music scene in some time. Lucky for us, CUT 4 ME is out now. Shouts to Pigeons & Planes for posting the title track, which I ended up letting slip by me (as well as the official video for Kingdom and Kelela's "Bank Head"). Get lost to this!

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